The Bay

Living in northern California, you are surrounded by the most beautiful and diverse cities. With San Francisco being my backyard I felt the need to visit it for the hundred time. San Francisco never gets old, you always find something new to try from the food to lifestyles. I am always excited to take a trip there and it is the shopping goldmine for those who love to shop. During this past trip, I went riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, it was the most exciting and frightening thing ever. It was extremely beautiful to pretty much stand in the middle of the ocean. The most frightening part of it all was not knowing if you’re going to get hit by a car or fall off the bridge. Other than that it was a trip worth taking and adventure worth trying.

Few tips on traveling to San Francisco, CA

1.Bring a Jacket, don’t let the 70 degrees fool you, it gets cold quick. 2. Prepare for stop and go traffic. It is a popular tourist area. 3. Try looking up food stops ahead of time. 4. check out Groupon for deals. 5. Have fun!


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