Hooded Fur

I’m not from a very cold place so my winter isn’t really winter. However, this year is something else, my winter is starting off a bit late but it’s bringing the East coast with it. I have worn a coat to work almost every day and that doesn’t usually happen. I’m more of a cardigan and a scarf type of girl during fall/winter. I figure since it’s winter and super cold, I thought this look can be perfect for those casual date nights/ girls night for girls who don’t like to be overwhelmed by layers.

During this time of year, one of my favorite items to wear is black tights. I find them to be the most comfortable and warm thing to wear that pairs well with anything. so for this looks I used my t-shirt dress that I bought during summer and through on a pair of tights and a coat and there you have it. Somethings simple and easy yet put together. If you love to pair things up can always add a scarf or even a cardigan under and it will still look fab!

Details Below


Coat: HM

Top: Forever21


Shoes: Mossimo

Tights: Target

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