I’m Going to Miami

It’s been a week since I got back from Miami, Fl and I must say that trip is one for the books. My childhood best friend and I wanted to take a vacation together and also celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. We grew up in the same neighborhood and our moms were best friends. I later moved to America to California and She moved the following year or two to Chicago. We were so young when I first moved I remember leaving her my favorite doll before I left the country. Fast forward 14 years later, we’re young women both in college with bright futures ahead of us.

My Miami experience was absolutely amazing. The people were extremely nice, the food was outstanding and the lifestyle was crazy. There’s so many things to do in Miami and many things to see. I want to give you guys my little guide to Miami.

Day 1: Wynwood Art District

Wynwood is very beautiful and the story behind it is worth learning it about. Amazing places to eat and a gold mine for the perfect Instagram picture. It is definitely a must visit.


DSC_7912-940x624(Gemini in the Wanderlust)


Little Havana:

Little Havana is the Cuban town of Miami. If you enjoy  live music and delicious food, I highly suggest you stop by this cute little town.



South Beach, MI

This is a place that never sleeps. Their bars and nightclubs are open till 5AM. South Beach is a very popular place in Miami so it’s always packed but the people are nice. For great shrimp tacos definitely check out Taquizza on Collins Ave, it’s only two minutes away from Ocean Drive and then you can enjoy tacos on the beach.  For great night and good music I recommend The Clevelander and Mangoes.


Day 3: Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach on a Sunday is my ultimate dream. They offer brunch with entertainment, unlimited food, and drinks, as well as VIP passes to their nightclub Pearl, if your waiter is as awesome ours were. During our visit we watched the Swimweek fashion and while drinking Piña Coladas. So if you are ever in Miami I will suggest attending Nikki Beach Brunch Sundays.


Nikki Beach, Miami, South Beach, Florida, USA


That is it for Miami and I will for sure come back again. I most importantly just enjoyed the trip more because I got to see my best friend build more memories from our late night talks to our weird breakfast conversations. I look forward to the next adventure.

Tips and Trick:

Stay in downtown Miami; we stayed at the Hampton Midtown Hotel they include delicious breakfast.

It will rain and it rains a lot but you’ll still be able to have fun.

Get out early to enjoy your day unless you party till 5 AM

Restaurant worth checking out: Dolores but you can call me Lola, American Social (bomb mac & Cheese), El Exquisito (their plantains are to die for), and Crazy about you.


Until next time Miami,



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