5 Ways to Prepare For Life After College

I just received my B.S in Business Marketing and I will love to say that college was an easy ride full of fun parties and relaxing but it’s not. There are so many things I wish I knew before going to college that would have better prepared me. I’m going to share some of my knowledge of what I learned throughout the last four years.

Follow your heart
This may sound cliche but I promise it will make all the sense in the world after. You don’t want to spend the next 40 years of your life doing something you hate. So choose something you’ll love to do, that way work will never feel like work.

Network, Network, Network
Try making friends who have the same passion as you, find a mentor, intern somewhere that fits with your plans. People in your life will determine the type of future you’ll have. Therefore, network with the right people who will add value to your future.

Use all the resource provided
Career centers, job fairs, LinkedIn, and etc are free resources provided to you for your success.

Have a resume
Have your resume ready. The benefits of a resume are that you can easily show all your skills.

Make it count
College is the best place to make mistakes and learn. Enjoy every minute of it because after it’s gone it’s gone. Make friends and remember you’re still young so need to rush your experience.

That’s all.

XoXo, Jael


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